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At Citadel Enterprises, we’ve been transforming homes throughout South Carolina with our custom home remodeling services for 3 decades. Our experience and knowledge empowers us to turn your dreams into reality by delivering unrivaled craftsmanship.

Our home improvement services cater to a diverse range of residential needs, from remodeling and repairs to new construction and aging-in-place solutions.

We’re passionate about creating spaces that reflect your unique personality, and we’re committed to delivering superior work, clear communication, and advanced innovation.

Transforming Spaces, Building Dreams

Personalized Home Improvement Services

Discover the range of home improvement services that Citadel Enterprises offers, each one tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


At Citadel Enterprises, we’re committed to transforming your space into a reflection of your style and lifestyle. We’re home remodel experts in everything from kitchen and bathroom renovations to full home makeovers.


At times, your house may not provide enough space to cater to your growing needs or changing lifestyle. In those cases, we build seamless home additions that complement the existing structure while providing additional functionality and living space.

Detached Structures

The team at Citadel Enterprises boasts unparalleled expertise in designing and building detached structures and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Whether it’s an additional living space, a home office, or a dedicated entertainment space, we’ll construct the ideal solution for your needs.

Historic Restoration

Does your home need complex repairs? We provide expert home repair solutions for ensuring your house feels like a comfortable home, from flooring and plumbing to roofing and lighting — and everything in between.

Property Maintenance

At Citadel Enterprises, we provide an expansive range of home improvement services year-round, including cleaning, small repairs, and equipment maintenance. Our property maintenance services preserve the beauty and functionality in every aspect of your home.

Maximize the Comfort, Beauty, and Value of Your Home

Our custom home remodeling services improve and preserve your home to ensure a comfortable and inviting space for decades to come. From home renovation services to home repair solutions, our experts are experienced in improving the functionality and aesthetics of any space.

By improving and maintaining your house, you’ll maximize comfort for your family, beauty for your neighbors, and value to any potential buyers.

To enhance the quality of your property with our home improvement services, contact our experts today.

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